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    Simple solution to track Your Projects
    Project Tracka
    The Project Execution Tracking and Reporting App
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    More Than Mobile Field software!
    Collaboration - Transferring real time data to the Project Team and Stakeholders.
    Allows for clear and effective decisions based on facts.
    Monitors Progress - Cost, Time and Materials
    Provides Real Time Event Notifications - Safety, Quality and Commercial.
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    Easy to use!
    With voice to text, cloning and pre-populating fields, field engineers and supervisors love it!
    Only delivering the data that is required.
    Simple and clean interface.
    Pick up where you left off.
    Desktop or mobile versions.
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    Project Reports
    Complete control with a press of a button is the key to your project's success.
    Tracka helps you predict and control how much time and money are going into the project.
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    Helping YOU stand out from the crowd!
    We turn a dreaded, complex task into an
    easy to use experience.

Your quick and simple solution to knowing exactly where your project stands.
All the time.

Tracka picks up where other software falls short.

Real time recording and reporting project progress.

The right tool for field crews.

About Tracka


Are your projects easy to track? Do they stay on schedule and, more importantly, on budget? Do you know what is happening on site at any given moment? Do you have real-time access to all necessary information that easily analyzes data and predicts trends so that you can make informed decisions?

That's where Tracka comes in. We help construction and building companies quickly and easily control their projects from start to finish. We give you:-

  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • Access
  • Forecasting

We help you gain visibility so that you know what is happening at the work front at all times. We keep you on schedule and on budget because with a click of a button you are always in-the-know.

Project Tracka was developed by a group of construction professionals in 2004 on a major project in north Western Australia.

The primary use for Tracka was to record exactly what took place at the work front.

Tracka has been continually improved with ongoing feedback from field staff and senior management leading to a simple yet complex and valuable project management tool.

It's for those who want to capture the most information with lest amount of effort.

The collaborative project management tool allows field crews to complete comprehensive reports as they carry out the regular duties.

The data is passed through your Internet connection where all the work is done, reports, notifications, and much more is accessed by the project teams 24/7

Project Tracka is owned by 152hq Pty Ltd.

152hq is a Software development company based in Australia.

We have over 16 years of experience developing Internet based applications from simple websites to enterprise level project management applications.

With our years of experience we have learnt to adapt with the times, keeping costs down and working within time frames to deliver out-of-the-box custom software solutions for our clients.


Easy to Use

Clean and user friendly interface for all users


For less than 1 latte per week, you can solve the madness of incomplete reports!

Exactly how you want it

Projects can be set-up to be as simple or as complex as you like.

Custom Reporting

Produce your reports your way and with your specific parameters.


Always works with or without phone signal and Internet signal.

Data Standardisation

Consistent data collection process for easy to audit records and conformity of information

Knowledge Transfer

The site supervisor or coordinator is the one person that truly knows the facts about what takes place on site minute by minute. Tracka enables this knowledge to be transferred to others without the supervisor leaving site.

Informed Decision-making

With the live collective data being provided by the field staff, the management team can make informed decisions without delay. They will also be aware of pending safety, quality, time and cost concerns.


Structured data collection and control leads to compliance and provides an audit-able process. This put you squarely in the front seat when it comes to contract discussions and possible litigation issues.


The Web Application

Tracka is most up-to-date, centralized software solution. It was developed by and for the construction industry to quickly and easily record and analyse project execution.

  • Allows project knowledge from the work front to be distributed to stakeholders.
  • Distributes information in a secure and easy manner.
  • Log data can be accessed from both in the office and in the field.
Intuitive Interface

Drive straight in and set up your first project in minutes. Then continue to build your account library so that you can easily set up future contracts and projects in a snap.

Android Mobile Companion

Key Points:
  • Simple quick and easy
  • Voice to Text
  • Field log files Anywhere and Anytime
  • No Internet or phone signal required
  • Consistent data capture and reporting
  • Pre-loaded with only the data you need
More details...

Common Questions

Tracka can be utilised by anyone that has work planned.
This makes Tracka useful for most industry types. Example of industry types below.
  • Construction / Building / Infrastructure
  • Public Works
  • Consulting / Engineering
  • Oil and Gas / Mining
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing / Maintenance
  • Environmental
  • Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage (STO)
  • Rail/Transportation
  • Other
There is no limit to the number of users under an account.
The account owner controls the number of users through the administration area
Users are persons that are licensed to access our secure service.

Account data is kept in a secure server in the cloud. You need a userid and a password to log in.
Each account has five levels of access for users. The account owner can set which user can see what and when through the administration area.

  • Viewer   can only view the Project’s dashboard and log files.
  • User   Has the same access rights as Viewer as well as able to create, print log files and access records.
  • Super User   Has the same access rights as User as well as able to review site reports.
  • Manager   Has the same access rights as a Super User as well as has access to all reports and can configure projects.
  • Account owner   Has the same access rights as a Manager as well as account control.

You can start using the Sandbox test Project straight away. this is a training area within Tracka. There are a few short steps to setting up your own projects:-

  • Add team members
  • Add resources
  • Add survey questions
  • Create a Project
  • Create Contracts
To fully utilise Tracka you would need to also complete the planning section where you load resource and materials to track against.
Web Application Requirements
  • JavaScript must be on
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Resolution: > 1024 x 768 (Preferred)
Mobile Platforms
  • Android
  • iOS (Under development)
We believe you do not need any training to use Tracka.
Over the years we have improved the application so that it is extremely intuitive. “Tips” are featured on many pages.
However we do offer training, should you feel it would benefit your team getting away to a quick start. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide an estimite to get teh process started.
Yes, the the reporting module gives you the ability for create your own reports by providing a vase range of formats and filters
Yes, we have worked closely with many clients over the years and accommodated many tweaks and changes. Please provide your suggested improvements and feedback.
Tracka is continually undergoing improvements, due soon are:-
  • iOS Mobile application.
  • Import/export library files.
  • Complete face lift for the mobile application and website.

Plans & Pricing


Subscription based access

With a flex plan, you only pay for what you use. The subscription fee is based on the plan selected and each plan allows you the exact features you need and omits the features you don't need.


Selecting the right plan

During your trial period, you will have the ability to use all the functions which will help you choose which plan is right for you. The Flexible Plan is recommended for organizations with a variable staff base.


Changing plans

You can change your billing plan at anytime. Changes to your plan will be reflected in your next billing cycle.
- Flexible plan details.
- Annual plan details.


Payment methods accepted

- Credit cards
- PayPal
- Purchase Order (Under Agreement)
- Direct Deposit


User Count

Your user count includes the total number of active team members in your account at any given time. You are free to add, remove or deactivate users at any time.



Our plans are designed to allow flexibility. You can change plans and user numbers at any time.

Selecting a Plan

Toggle between flexi (monthly) and annual plan (Saving 20% )

Select Bronze Plan

Per User

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Mobile Application Companion
  • Cloud Integration
  • Company Branded Reports
  • Unlimited HD Photos
  • Voice-to-Text
  • Log File Reports
  • Automatic Email of Daily Reports
  • Email responses within 3 business days
Select Silver Plan

Per User

  • Includes Bronze Features
  • Site Reports
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • 5-Year Data Backup/Storage
  • Email/Phone support
Best Value
Select Gold Plan

Per User

  • Includes Silver Features
  • EVM module
  • Materials Management
  • Resource Management
  • Planning Module
  • Scope and Cost Management
  • 10-Year Data Backup/Storage

Register for a free trial account

Utilise both the Web and Mobile applications or select a plan to start using Tracka.

What People Say...

  • "I have found Project Tracka software to be a very useful tool for documenting project activities, especially construction resource allocations and actual progress in the field.

    The software not only enables site supervisors to record daily activities in detail, it is also has the capability to capture extensive project data very easily. Project Tracka is able to generate a broad range of useful reports.

    In my experience the Project Tracka software is a valuable resource to help manage construction progress and it also provides detailed facts during claim negotiations that enables rapid resolution."Andrew Spence
    Project Manager
    5 Collector Main Replacement Project,
    BlueScope Steel

  • " I have used Project Tracka on a number of projects now and have found it very simple to use. takes very little effort to produce excellent daily log files and reports which comes handy when trying to remember things. The best part is you can enter information throughout the shift which gets me home quicker at the end of the day.
    Highly recommended!! "- Kevin Church, Mechanical Site Coordinator, 5 Collector Main Replacement Project, BlueScope Steel
  • “ .... ”- Denis Kolega, Civil Coordinator, MSMP Project, Illawarra Coal
  • " I used Project Tracka on the Collector Main Replacement Project in 2010.
    I found it really easy to use.
    It certainly helped out when it come to remembering who did what when and were.
    If I had the choice, I would use Tracka again tomorrow.
    Great product! "

    - Bruce McDonald, Crane and Logistics Coordinator, 5 Collector Main Replacement Project, BlueScope Steel
  • “ .... ”- Kevin Murphy, Electrical Coordinator, MSMP Project, Illawarra Coal