Minimise Risk & Maximise Profit

Tracka provides a quick, cheap and simple solution to manage your site works

Tracka will work hand in hand with any existing system
Providing standardisation across your field teams

Data is a powerful tool

Having ALL of the data at your finger tips puts you in Total Control

Save thousands!

All the reports you need!
Project Manger

Project Manager mode records activities carried by the field crews, provides shift diary reports, the complete visibility of the work via statistics, forecasting and trends

Unrivalled Benefits

No matter what the industry, Tracka has a broad range of features that will give you the edge


Minimal training required, Tracka provides a clean and easy-to-use web and App interface


Get started for less than 2 bucks a day for each supervisor

Custom Reporting

Produce the reports you want, hone in on possible issues


Tracka works both with and without reception, making it ideal for projects in remote locations

Data Standardisation

Consistent data collection process for easy to audit records and conformity of information


Projects can be set up to be as simple or complex as you like

The Web Application

Cloud based solution, you will be up and running within minutes

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere to all your team members

Quick & Simple Setup

With the aid of wizards and guides, account, projects and contracts can be created or changed within minutes

Import and Export

Import and export data to speed up the process

Maximum 0utput

The system has been designed with minimum input and maximum output in mind. Enter data once!

The Mobile Application

Easy as 1-2-3, follow the steps to create your log files

Intuitive UI

The application interface is designed for maximum simplicity and efficiency. Only the data you need will be made available, keeping bandwidth low and log-files organised

Hands-Free Functionality

Tracka has Voice-To-Text functionality so that you can create log-files on the go

Offline Data-Logging

Log-files can be created even when there is no Internet connection, making Tracka ideal for sites situated in remote location


Once log-files are locked in the companion app they are transferred to the dashboard, freeing up space and keeping the application free of clutter

Document Support

Attach supporting documents to log-files, such as invoices and receipts

Image Integration

Use your smartphone's camera to record images of all aspects of work on site and upload these with the corresponding log-files

Regular Updates

The companion app is kept constantly updated. Any changes that take place on the main Tracka dashboard will also be reflected here

Pre-loaded Data

The app draws on resources, manpower, machinery and scheduling data that can all be added at the beginning of a project, saving you time when creating log-files in the field

The companion application is designed for ease of use when you are out on site. Our intuitive design keeps data collection simple, giving you more time to focus on the important aspects of a project


Tracka Tracka

Tracka saves me at least an hour a day and it records better, more detailed info. I also used to keep a personal paper copy of the days progress, whereas now the daily progress ends up in a report for the benefit of anyone in the project team to see.”

Glen Glaister

Senior Mechanical Site Coordinator at Bluescope Steel

“Tracka helps me to monitor our projects without leaving the office. Our projects can be all over the country and I can get up to date information on hours worked, progress or any reported incidents straight away. It is a very valuable tool in managing our business.

We also use Tracka to complete our time and wage records, this saves us time in chasing up timesheets for payroll”

Grant Galway

Managing Director Galway Refractories

“I have used Project Tracka on a number of projects now and have found it very simple to use. takes very little effort to produce excellent daily log files and reports which comes handy when trying to remember things.
The best part is you can enter information throughout the shift which gets me home quicker at the end of the day. Highly recommended!”

Kevin Church

Mechanical Site Coordinator at South32

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