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Tracka’s Engine

Data is a powerful tool
Compare site data with pre-loaded baseline data to track the progress of the project

Pre-Loaded Project Data

Rather than entering data every shift, Tracka allows users to mark off work against data that has been pre-loaded into the program at the commencement of a project. Using existing schedule, resource and material data to create detailed log-files, marking this off against the appropriate WBS elements as the work progresses.

Knowledge Transfer

The site supervisor or coordinator is often the only person that truly knows what is taking place on site minute by minute. Tracka enables this critical knowledge to be transferred to other parties and key stakeholders without the supervisor having to leave site, giving them more time to focus on the job at hand.

Transparent, Informed Decision-Making

With live data being provided by field staff, the management team can make informed decisions without delay. Use Tracka to keep track of pending safety, quality, time and cost concerns. Our structured data collection process creates a compliant and auditable process. This put you squarely in the front seat when it comes to contract discussions and possible litigation issues.

Unrivalled Benefits

No matter what the industry, Tracka has a broad range of features that will give your projects the edge


Tracka provides a clean and easy-to-use interface


Get started for less than a cup of coffee per day

Custom Reporting

Produces reports your way, and within your own specific parameters


Tracka works both with and without reception, making it ideal for projects in remote locations.

Data Standardisation

Consistent data collection process for easy to audit records and conformity of information


Projects can be set up to be as simple or complex as you like

Industry Insight

Tracka is Tried and tested
Look at our industry insights to see where we sit in the field

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“I have used Project Tracka on a number of projects now and have found it very simple to use. It takes very little effort to produce excellent daily log files/reports, which comes handy when trying to remember things. The best part is you can enter information throughout the shift, this gets me home quicker at the end of the day. Highly recommended!! ”

Kevin Church

Mechanical Site Coordinator

“I used Project Tracka on the Collector Main Replacement Project at BlueScope Steel. I found it really easy to use. It certainly helped out when it come to remembering who did what when and were. If I had the choice, I would use Tracka again tomorrow. Great product! ”

Bruce McDonald

Crane and Logistics Coordinator

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