We discovered what most projects lack,
Effective recording

Focusing on what truly makes the difference,
Innovative data capture

Real time, accurate data puts you in control,
Comprehensive reporting

We know that good supervision is key to any
Project’s Success



Supervisors have intimate knowledge of what happens when, where and how on every shift. 
The challenge is how we record this information into a shift report to allow other key stakeholders to benefit from this knowledge?



Tracka, a secure cloud-based Project Monitoring application.
Tracka has been continually tweaked since 2002 to minimise the input effort required by supervision and to increase the detailed output reporting capability for management..


Data Collection – Log Files

Tracka utilises smart input methods such as pre-saved data, suggested data, cloning and real-time calculations to assist supervisors. Log files are a perfect record of the shifts events.

Tracka’s unique log database design allows critical data to be captured, dissected and repackaged to provide detailed reports at various levels.


Data Outputs – Reports

    Report types:-
  • Log files
  • Resources usage – utilisation, planned vs actual
  • Tangible quantities – counted, planned vs actual
  • Safety , quality, events, weather,  Q&A’s
  • Variations, delays, time sheet data
  • Plus more....

Basic filters - by contract, area(s), resource, date and users.


Project Setup



Data Collection



Shift Reports


Analyse & Validate



Project Reports



Utilise & Plan

Management made easy with Tracka !

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Collaborative Approach

Tracka brings the compete project team together utilising shared real time data

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Smart Technology

Data entry, alerts, escalation, report formats and document management made easy.

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Innovative Interface

Moving between projects and modules is easy with Tracka’s new user interface
guide users though the setup processes 

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Real Time reporting

Smart filters allow endless report possibilities.
Clickable drill down reports makes finding raw data easy.

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Check out a few screen shots and what others have to say about Tracka

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I have used Project Tracka on a number of projects now and have found it very simple to use.
It takes very little effort to produce excellent daily log files which come in handy when trying to remember things.
I like that you can enter information throughout the shift which gets me home quicker at the end of the day.
Highly recommended!!

Kevin Church
Mechanical Site Coordinator (Central Warehouse Project)
BHP Billiton

I found Project Tracka really easy to use. The reports were great
Tracka made it very easy to go back to any particular day to see who did what when and how.
How good is that!

Bruce McDonald 
Project Crane and Logistics Coordinator (Collector Main Replacement Project) 
BlueScope Steel 

I have found Project Tracka software to be a very useful tool for documenting project activities, especially construction resource allocations and actual progress in the field.
The software not only enables site supervisors to record daily activities in detail, it is also has the capability to capture extensive project data very easily.
Project Tracka is able to generate a broad range of useful reports.
In my experience the Project Tracka software is a valuable resource to help manage construction progress and it also provides detailed facts during claim negotiations that enables rapid resolution.

Andrew Spence
Project Manager
BlueScope Steel

I was proved access to the Tracka website as a 3rd party during a very complex project.
The project included a period of 3 weeks where over 120 people worked 2 shifts around the clock.
I found it very comforting to see what was going on in my plant while it had been handed over to the Construction group.
Tracka provided a range of reports and covered off on areas including safety and quality.
Great Product.

 Jamie O'Neill
Area Owner

Able to draw on and display current data gives me the feeling of complete control !

With Tracka, there is no gray just black and white